Milkyways and Happenings


16.12.23 - 28.01.24

Antwerp in the sixties: Panamarenko, Hugo Heyrman, Yoshio Nakajima, Wout Vercammen, Bernd Lohaus, and others manifested themselves as young artists with a distinct identity in an international context of Happenings, Dada, Pop-art, Fluxus, and Provo...

Art Partout presents original collages and stencils, copies of Happening News, posters, invitations, and documents related to the happenings in Antwerp in the sixties, focusing on the central figure Panamarenko.

The exhibition runs until January 28, 2024.
Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1-6PM.

Finissage Sunday 28 January from 11 AM to 6 PM.