Groeten aan...

Camiel Van Breedam

19.06.22 - 15.09.22

The exhibition 'Groeten aan...' showcases the work of Camiel Van Breedam in combination with the work of people with whom he shares a connection, who inspire him, whom he admires, or with whom he is friends. This exhibition aims to evoke the special atmosphere of the artist's home and studio within the gallery space. Works of artists like Paul Joostens, Remo Martini, Oscar and Floris Jespers, Edgard Tytgat, and many others are also shown.

At the same time, the expo takes visitors on a journey through various stages of Camiel Van Breedam's oeuvre: starting from his experimental paintings of the late fifties, assemblages from the sixties, environments from the seventies, to his more recent subtle collage works.